kat_edHi, I’m Kathleen Rupp, author of Everything Karupped.  I am so excited you came to my site!!  Always in pursuit of a good project, I can’t wait to share with you our artistic ideas, tips and tricks.  Whether it’s DIY, home-dec, sewing, or art projects, I love being able to spruce up my home with the design and art I love.  Oh, and the Mister loves woodworking so there will be some ideas on here for any woodworkers out there!!  Both of us have a background in math and engineering.  Even though now I am a stay at home mom (and a math nerd at heart) I had to incorporate our “MEST” up nights with our kids.   You will have to check out our MEST(math, engineering, science, and technology) projects!!!    Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you will get some great inspiration here!!