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Woohoo….Our painted concrete patio is DONE!

My brother- “So Ed, I heard about your awesome plans for a long weekend painting your patio?  You know… most people take trips, go to parties, maybe actually relax at the pool.  Wow….sounds like a fun time!”    hahaha!!!..me giggling while Ed’s getting crap:)

painted concrete patio

We finally finished our Patio Concrete painting project!!!!  I am so excited how it looks!!  What is more exciting is that it was SOOOO EASY!!!!  I really was expecting a project that was a lot harder.  This was seriously easier than painting a bedroom.  Not only was it easy, the type of paint we used was a breeze to work with.  I was quite surprised.  We decided to do this when we had a week of sunshine.

I think the type of paint says to have 3 days drying time to cure before you can use it.  I really don’t think it needed that amount since we painted in 90 degree heat.  However,  we followed the directions and made sure that we had at least 3 days without rain because we knew we would be applying multiple coats.

To prep for this project we POWER-WASHED!!  We also attempted to remove oil stains in the concrete.  The stains did not completely go away but they were lessened.  Out of the 2 products we tried, 1 worked better to remove the oil stains.  To see that post and all of the power-washing before and after pics click HERE!

We also prepped the area by trimming away any vegetation or bushes hanging over edge of the concrete.

painted concrete patio: trim foliage around concrete
Trim foliage around concrete

The type of paint is a Sherwin Williams PAINT/STAIN for concrete.  We were even able to tint this concrete paint to any color that Sherwin Williams carries.  This color was “JOGGING PATH”.

We used 6 (1 gallon) cans which were perfect for our ~700 sq. ft. of patio.   Normally $44/can, we were able to get it at a discount sale price.  We spent $168 for 6 cans of paint!!

TOOLS: Paint rollers, paint, large outdoor paintbrush

This paint was amazing to work with.  I thought for how hot it was and how quickly it was drying that it would start giving us trouble the moment we started rolling back over it.  You know when paint starts drying too quickly or thickening, if you roll over it again, the latex tends to peel up and create noticeable goo in the paint.  NOT AT ALL!  You could tell this was drying quickly but you could roll over this again and again with ease.  I started thinking of anything else around the house we could paint with this magical stuff:)

Yes, rolling the paint on the ground level is so much easier than when your arms are above your head.  The 3 of us were painting……Ed, myself and my 12 yr. old.  We were able to do 2 coats in 1 afternoon.  We waited a little more than an hour or 2 between coats.  Because it was so hot we could even walk on it to re-apply.  In the directions it said to wait 24 hours before walking on it, but because of the heat and quicker drying time,  it seemed fine to walk on it to re-apply the paint.  I didn’t let our kids play on it, but for painting the second coat we did walk over the area.


We let it dry overnight and the next day we cut in around the gazebo pillars.  We used the large paintbrush to cut in and also painted the concrete at the base of the siding.  We also rolled the 3rd coat on the patio.


At the time we were having trouble seeing that the patio needed a 3rd coat, but after we applied it we realized how much better it looked.

It’s DONE and I love my concrete patio now!

We are still sprucing up the gazebo and patio little by little.  I will be posting new ideas…  Come back for more!




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20 thoughts on “Woohoo….Our painted concrete patio is DONE!

  1. That looks amazing!! Beautiful work, I would have never thought to paint concrete, but I guess anything can be painted, right?!


    1. Yes, we had to wait till June because May was under water! Glad we waited though:) Good luck with your project! You will have to let me know how it goes:)


    1. Oh thanks so much!! It was seriously SOO easy! No, we did not need to use acid at all. Our prep: We just power-washed a few days before, tried to remove some oil stains, cut back the foliage, used a blower to blow off anything from the concrete. After the prep, we started painting. Since we used rollers, my flower beds were not affected at all:) I found it easier than painting inside the house.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow… that looks GREAT… and makes me think maybe I want to do such a project… I want to see how long it should last before needing to be repainted, but I sure like the idea for a couple of areas. Thank you for the info! 🙂


  3. I am definitely pinning this – thanks! I don’t have a patio that needs painting but I’ve been toying with painting our front porch. I just never know where to start or what to use. Thanks for the great tips.

    Liked by 1 person

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