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My Old Birdcage Re-purposed!!


I had a friend ask me the other day about my outdoor light that we have hanging up in our aluminum gazebo.  I was telling her all about it and thought that I should share how I made it a few years ago.  Taking pictures before and after has become a new thing for me so I don’t have pictures of the process! ugh.  Why did it take a new blog to get me to start doing that?  It would have been nice to have the before pics of all of my projects throughout the years.  SO….take note!!  People will want to see a before picture even if you don’t post your projects online.  UPDATE:  WOW…Just found a wedding before PIC!!

When Ed and I got married we had a birdcage that held all of the cards and gift-cards from our wedding.  People just slid their cards through the slits at the top.  I wish I could take credit for the idea but one of my best friends had a bird cage for her wedding and I asked if I could copy!  I thought it was a great idea and even had one of those fake doves at the top.  Well fast-forward a few years and the birdcage ended up being too large as decoration in my house.  So….I got the bright idea of turning it into a light.  The look I was going for was Moroccan flair.birdcage re-purposed into hanging lamp

  • I turned it upside down.  Ed drilled a hole for me at the bottom of the birdcage…which is the top of the lamp.   
  • I added radiator cover metal screening over the slits that was once the top of the birdcage. This was applied at the top and inside of the birdcage.  The top of the bird cage can open which made it easy to apply the radiator cover.  I used utility scissors to cut the radiator cover metal to size and I wrapped and bent the radiator screen metal around the inside of the birdcage.  I used wire to attach all of the pieces of radiator cover to the birdcage. I also used radiator screen to slant at the top of the lamp so it looked more dome-like instead of completely flat at the top.
  • I added a light kit
  • I painted the whole thing the same color- silver!!


That light was up for a couple of years in our sun-room.  When we had our sun-room gutted and insulated into a 4 seasons room, my shabby chic lamp wasn’t welcome anymore. ha.  Ed shook his head at the thought of this birdcage lamp sticking around for another couple of years in our basement closet.   But I am sure happy I did!!! Once our aluminum gazebo was put up 2 years ago…..I ran downstairs to that closet and it was just waiting there for me.    I will never forget….he said “Oh no, that thing?”

The silver didn’t look as nice in my dark aluminum gazebo so I painted it again!!

  • I spray painted again with Rustoleum oil rubbed bronze.  I did not do multiple coats because I wanted to let some of the silver peak through.

The gazebo provides cover for the rain on the lamp.  I would not recommend doing this with an arbor or pergola where it will always be getting wet.  We only use the lights when it has dried out enough for a couple of days.  It is just safer with all of the electrical in the gazebo.  Now I feel like my old birdcage is part of our home, has a place and a story.  And…. I think after all these years, Ed finally likes my hanging birdcage lamp!  Most likely he likes it better when it’s dark but that is beside the point;)

update:  You can see this Re-purposed Birdcage at these awesome link parties.  Click on the diy party button.










2 thoughts on “My Old Birdcage Re-purposed!!

  1. Wow I love it! Super creative and clever idea that I would have never thought to do! Now I’m going to have to come over see it in person lite and all! That would even be fun for the dining room too!


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