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Some ‘MEST’ up weather

Yes!!! We have some ‘MEST’ up weather lately…..and of all places in our sunroom!! 😉 We have been trying to incorporate activities like this with our kids considering that usually we are just running from one sport to the next.  We think it is just as important to get our kids interested in STEM as they are in sports.  I always loved math, but a lot of kids, including one of my own, needs that extra push.  I think they can get lost sometimes(usually from a confusing teacher) or have trouble understanding something and they end up disliking the sciences.   So here we are trying to introduce and solidify some of these concepts pretty early so that it doesn’t seem so foreign to them when they come across it through life or in school.  Our ‘MEST’ up events are totally planned.  This is the only way that we actually will do them.   Otherwise it is much easier to sit in front of the TV every-night after homework or whatever sport we have carted everyone around to.   We plan once a month on an open Friday evening or early Saturday morning.  I won’t fool you, it takes some research and shopping to get supplies ahead of time,  but in the end it is really worth it.  Everyone has fun!

These weather projects did not require me to buy a ton of supplies.  For most of these projects, we had the materials at home.  We did 5 projects.  I set them all up like stations in science class on our long table.  I made a small packet for each station and put it next to the materials for each project.  The packet included the instructions and the science behind the specific project that was located next to it.   I highlighted with a highlighter the science explanations for each.  Thank you to all the amazing bloggers out there!!  I know it would have taken me so much longer to gather all of the info for each project, let alone brain storming.  All of the ideas, science, and experiments were all over the internet and done for me.  I just needed to organize them and combine them into one awesome, exciting MEST up morning….whew a lot of pressure.  hehe.

How to make a Thunderstorm by Life with Moore babies

Make a Tornado in a jar! by Kids’ Crossing

Make a Rainbow by Optical Illusion   &  rainbow science by How Stuff Works science

Making Rain by Ms D’s Garden  &  How it Rains Experiments by Munchkins and Mayhem

Make a cloud in a jar by Gift of Curiosity

My 5 weather projects shopping list:

  • Thunderstorm:  plastic shoebox, food coloring. warm water, ice (Don’t forget to dye and freeze ice the night before)
  • Tornado: dish soap, vinegar,  jar with lid, glitter
  • Rainbow: flashlight, glass cup, electrical tape or masking tape, white paper
  • Rain#1: 2 liter soda bottle, ice, hot water &/or  Rain#2: glass cup, shaving cream, food coloring
  • Cloud: mason jar, hot water, ice, hairspray

As you can see, the supplies were so easy!!  The projects were not hard either!  I think the most I needed to shop for was food coloring and a plastic shoebox(at the dollar store btw).   With each experiment we would explain to them the science behind it.   Between all 5 projects and talking about each one, it took a little over an hour.   That would also include the fact that they wanted to do each project a few times.  They also experimented with the level of water that they would fill the jars to get different results.  To our surprise, they started to get really into it.  The younger ones were thrilled because they had never seen these projects before.  And then a beautiful thing happened….my 12 year old who groaned at the thought of doing science on a Saturday morning started showing his siblings other ways of creating a thunderstorm that he learned in school.  Hmmm…I guess it wasn’t such a messed up morning after all!!!


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