Dr. Seuss week!!!!

I know you are waiting for my upholstery project:o.  In the midst of the chaos sprawled out on my bedroom floor, I had to share our fun morning preparations for Dr. Seuss week.  Today is Wacky Wednesday.  Kids are welcomed into school with mismatched apparel!!  Oh, I love this…..but of course the mismatched clothing wasn’t enough…  This was a rare unplanned morning with a little more time on our hands.  OK, yeah I went a little nuts with the hair!!!   Bantu knot style with a twist.  We were looking for that Dr. Seuss look and I think we achieved it.  We were rushing so I don’t have pictures during the process.  Here is how I did it.wackywed_3-2-min

  • Separate the hair into sections.  It is supposed to be wacky so it can be asymmetrical.   I did 5 sections and one section toward the forehead.
  • Tie each section with a hairband.
  • Pick any ponytail in any of the sections and split the ponytail in half.  Start twisting the first half very tight from the base and work all the way down the length of the hair.  It will start to curl and fold in on itself.  When it starts doing that tie it with a hair elastic band(small, clear, no pinch type) towards the scalp.  Once it is secured pick up the second half of the ponytail.
  • Start twisting the second half of the ponytail all the way down to the end.  It should be a tight twist but DO NOT let it fold in on itself.  Pull the coiled first half out a little and then wrap the second half lightly twisted ponytail around the length of the coil.   This makes the bantu knots stick out but on the floppy side.  Secure it with another clear hair rubber band.
  • Work each ponytail like so!!!  You can put a bow or ball band on each ponytail.

I think she is ready for Dr. Seuss week!…or Pippy Longstocking?  What do you think?



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